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Thursday, February 3, 2011

From a Cocoon

This image is part of my " Emerge " series. Mixed media - layers of epoxy with marble dust, plaster, stones, earth stains, acrylic, silver and pearlescent paint, mica flakes, on wood base.

Seems like all I can think about right now is transformation. Tranformation of the mind, of the soul. How it happens. How to get there from here, how to cross over. By an about face? By paradigm shifts? By rising from emotional constraints and baggage? Muscles forming from forceful thrusts into liberation? By a force of faith so strong you just believe souls can fly? How can a caterpillar 'see' when all around is darkness? What of the wind and light and colors beckoning forth?

I saw this 'poetic saying' online ... don't know who wrote it...

Along a dusty road in India there sat a beggar who sold cocoons. A young boy watched him day after day, and the beggar finally beckoned to him.

"Do you know what beauty lies within this chrysalis? I will give you one so you might see for yourself. But you must be careful not to handle the cocoon until the butterfly comes out."

The boy was enchanted with the gift and hurried home to await the butterfly. He laid the cocoon on the floor and became aware of a curious thing. The butterfly was beating its fragile wings against the hard wall of he chrysalis until it appeared it would surely perish, before it could break the unyielding prison. Wanting only to help, the boy swiftly pried the cocoon open.

Out flopped a wet, brown, ugly thing which quickly died. When the beggar discovered what had happened, he explained to the boy 'In order for the butterfly wings to grow strong enough to support him, it is necessary that he beat them against the walls of his cocoon. Only by this struggle can his wings become beautiful and durable. When you denied him that struggle, you took away from him his only chance of survival."

May the walls of your cocoon be just thick enough to allow you to struggle just long enough to emerge the beautiful person I know you to be.

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