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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embarrassing Situations

Hmmm... I have a plethora of embarrassing situations, even creative ones. Whether decor, painting or sculpture. I get so focussed on what I'm doing that I lose all sense of place and all sense of presence of mind and 'accidents' happen. Oyh. One coming to mind was when I was in a direct metal sculpture class at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Attempting to solder a face together with pieces of metal can be pretty tricky as I was making it very detailed. Focussing intently on the eyebrow and needing a piece to fit in between the brow and eye where it meets the nose, I reached 'through' the flame for a piece of metal further away on the table. Then I saw my finger was white, shriveled and melted, turned off the torch, ran to a sink and yelled for help. Stupidola. LOL. The scar is still with me and am grateful for a functioning finger. This signalled the end of the class because it was clear that I was not practical enough to finish it safely. :) Learning a lot since then about having more presence of mind ensures that more things can be accomplished. But it takes effort and still 'attract' interesting experiences. Funny things happen ... I'm an intensely focussed kind of gal. LOL