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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shifting, adjusting, turning ...

"Most of you know that, in addition to continuing being a photographic artist, I also continue to seek to be creative in innovative ways" I have said. Months ago I encountered Aurastone, took a class on it and enthusiastically embraced the process. I created a lovely kitchen countertop and thought to do so for other people as well. Delving into it made me realize that's not where my heart is. My passion continues to be to create art, whether photography, painting, or mixed media, that inspires, is full of light and touches people to their core. 

 So I continue to experiment, with resin and marble dust et al, to my heart's content. With all kinds of media, each one will be a one of a kind creative piece. Built with layers of mineral color, various stone, glass, pearls, mica flakes, crushed mirrors. All adding depth and clarity and created in many colors and illustrating many imaginings.

Some of the last few months may seem like distractions but its all process, isn't it? Mixed media Art

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