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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Painting called 'In The Rain'

Many years ago, more than 25, I came across photographs of Europe. I think it was the National Geographic. Tall buildings and narrow streets with people walking in the rain. The poetry of the moment struck me then and I quickly roughed out a sketch with a black felt pen on paper.

When I moved into my condo 8 years ago I came across the drawing and contemplated what I could do with it. Having some polaroid sx 70 film around I photographed my drawing outside while the color of light was blue. What resulted was a blue toned drawing on an emulsion and I 'manipulated' it with a toothpick and the back of a brush, pressing hard to get a monet effect.  Then it was put to the side as another idea took my attention.

A couple years passed and I came across the drawing again. This time I wanted to do a highly colorized, painted version. Wanting a heavy texture I took an 8x24 canvas and glued a lot of torn tissue paper with acrylic medium in successive layers. When dry I sketched out the drawing and painted in several layers in acrylic to get the colors to surprise by coming through the layers here and there. I kept seeing red and green/turquoise and muted yellow and played along with it. Put this aside until further notice.

A few months ago I picked it up again and this time 'saw' it covered in epoxy. Adding india inks to intensify some of the colors, I layered a few coats of epoxy as the texture was pretty heavy and the final flood coat of epoxy leveled the finish. Here is the final result.

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